Associate Vice Chancellor
at North Carolina Central University

Ontario Wooden


Ontario Wooden

Ontario S. Wooden serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Academic Outreach the Division of Academic Affairs at North Carolina Central University (NCCU).  His responsibilities include the University Honors Program, the Office of Community Engagement and Service, the Center for Science, Math & Technology Education, and the Office of International Affairs.  Dr. Wooden also provides leadership for student grievances and appeals, parent relations, Memoranda of Understanding, University Conference, and other academic success initiatives.

Prior to this role, he served as Dean of University College at NCCU, where he was responsible for the retention and progression of 3000 first-year, second year, and transfer students. He ensured that students were provided a quality, comprehensive experience that promoted student learning and academic success.

on why he chose a career in education

I have a natural inclination to help and support people. I have loved working in higher education and then becoming a university administrator, because I get to do such positive things in my work. Every day there is an opportunity to help a student. If a person does not care, there is no way they can teach. You have to have that in you. Those are innate skills that I’ve had and been able to use as a higher education administrator.

Ontario Wooden
Thrive Global Interview

A Discussion With Ontario Wooden On the Rewards of Helping Today’s Youth

“What I love is helping people.  I got a phone call last night from a student that I met 16 years ago who is now married, has a daughter, and is working on a doctorate.  He just wanted to have a conversation and catch up because of the support that I provided him as an undergraduate student. “

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An Interview with NCCU's Associate Vice Chancellor

“I had that initial desire to become an elementary school teacher and a part of that was born out of my grandmother’s idea of wanting to be a teacher and never being able to realize that dream. In my mind, I somehow wanted to realize that dream for her, but at the same time I’ve always had a passion for helping people because to me the best way to help people, build them up and support them is to educate them.”